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KGA-01 GROUT ADMIX PREMIUM GROUT ADMIX FOR CERAMIC FLOOR TILES Product Description: Kajaria Premium Grout Admix KGA-01 is a polymer based liquid admixture specially designed for use in combination with Kajaria Grouts. It provides a dense, colorfast grout ideal for all interior and exterior applications. It improves the performance and does not allow any moisture/water to seep into the back of the tile. Shelf Life: 1 year Pack Size: 400 ml Carton of 10 Bottles 4000 ml Applications: Add 400ml of Kajaria Premium Grout Admix KGA-01 in 1 kg grout and mix until a slump free & smooth grout is obtained. For interior & exterior application Advantages: For use in interiors and exteriors Provides smooth and uniform joints Shock & impact resistant No water leakage 26